Tyson Fury Criticizes His Netflix Series for Lacking Authenticity

Tyson Fury Criticizes His Netflix Series for Lacking Authenticity

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Tyson Fury, the WBC heavyweight world champion, recently joked about his hit Netflix series, claiming that it was “bulls***” because the producers refused to film certain aspects of his life. The nine-part series, which soared to Number 1 in the UK, provided viewers with a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of Fury and his wife Paris, who had just welcomed their seventh child.

However, Fury, known for his eccentric personality, expressed his dissatisfaction with the show, stating that it was not real enough for his liking. In an interview with Barstool, he said, “Netflix didn’t want to film the whole reality.” When asked if the show was “bulls***,” Fury responded, “Proper bulls***.”

The boxer then shared that he suggested filming his everyday activities such as using the bathroom or taking a shower, but the producers declined. Fury is set to return to the ring on October 28 in Saudi Arabia, facing former UFC star Francis Ngannou, who will be making his professional debut.

When questioned about getting in shape for the fight, Fury dismissed the idea, saying it was insulting. He expressed his preference for his “bad bod” and stated, “All these fighters, they want to be like bodybuilders, ripped and that. But I always rock the bad bod, bald head, fat, white as anything look absolutely disgusting with my top off, and then when I knock out a good-looking six-pack, it’s like, ‘What the f***, dude. What the f*** just happened?'”

Fury humorously attributed his knockout power to his ability to “crack” his opponents on the jaw, stating that muscles don’t matter when it comes to landing a solid punch.

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