A Powerful Tool in the Fight Against Cybercrime A Powerful Tool in the Fight Against Cybercrime


Summary:, a Europe-based NGO, offers a free tool designed to assist victims of cybercrime in removing morphed images and videos from social media platforms. The tool generates a unique hash value for intimate images and shares it with social media companies to detect and remove these explicit visuals. With a 90% removal rate, has successfully eliminated over two lakh individual morphed images from the internet. While the tool cannot remove content from porn sites, it serves as an authentic and effective resource for victims of cybercrime.

In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives. However, with its widespread use comes the risk of cybercrime, including the sharing of non-consensual intimate images (NCII). Cyberbullies and con artists often exploit this vulnerability using morphed photos of their targets to manipulate and control them.

In response to this rising issue, has emerged as a significant upgrade in the fight against cybercriminals. This Europe-based NGO offers a free tool that allows victims to easily remove morphed images and videos from social media platforms. By uploading both the morphed and genuine photos to the site, victims can initiate the removal process within a specific timeframe.

The tool operates generating a unique hash value for each intimate image or video. This hash is then shared with social media companies, enabling them to detect and remove the explicit content from their platforms. Importantly, prioritizes privacy protection and does not download images from users’ devices, collecting minimal data necessary for the service to function.

With an impressive track record, claims a 90% removal rate of illegal explicit visuals. This success can be attributed to the NGO’s partnership with various social media companies, as well as its collaboration with the Revenge Porn Helpline (RPH) and SWGfL, a globally respected charitable organization dedicated to online safety.

While is an effective tool for removing morphed images and videos from social media platforms, it is important to note that it cannot remove content from pornographic sites. Cyber expert Mayur Kulkarni advises victims to consider filing a case with the police as a crucial step towards combating cybercrime.

In conclusion, provides a valuable resource for victims of cybercrime, offering a convenient and user-friendly tool to remove non-consensual intimate images from social media platforms. Its authentic and successful track record makes it a vital component in the ongoing battle against online exploitation and harassment.

– Non-consensual intimate images (NCII): Morphed or explicit visuals that are shared without the subject’s consent.
– NGO: Non-governmental organization, a non-profit organization working towards a particular social cause.
– Hash: A unique and fixed-length value generated from data, in this case, intimate images or videos.
– Cybercrime: Criminal activities carried out using digital platforms and technologies.

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