Female Comedians Set Up WhatsApp Group Blacklist to Warn of Predatory Behavior in UK Comedy Circuit

Female Comedians Set Up WhatsApp Group Blacklist to Warn of Predatory Behavior in UK Comedy Circuit

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Women working in the UK comedy circuit have established a WhatsApp group blacklist to inform each other about male stars’ predatory behavior, as reported today. This development follows allegations of sexual assault and emotional abuse against Russell Brand multiple women. Brand has denied the allegations, stating that his relationships have been consensual.

According to comedian Daniel Sloss, female comedians have created online groups to share their experiences and warn others about individuals with whom they have worked, particularly those displaying predatory behavior. Sloss disclosed that women have been cautioning each other about Brand for many years. In addition to Brand, at least five other male comedians have been named in these conversations.

Among the individuals mentioned, there are famous stars from TV, radio, and stage, some of whom are still active while others have faded from the public eye. Sloss revealed that there are “many stories with varying degrees of severity.” Comedian Sara Pascoe has also identified two well-known predators within the comedy circuit, including one who has assaulted men.

The existence of the WhatsApp blacklist group was first mentioned comedian Stevie Martin in 2020, stating that it continues to grow with each passing day. Canadian comic Katherine Ryan revealed in an interview with Louis Theroux that she directly confronted a comedian, labeling him a predator.

Both the BBC and Channel 4 are conducting internal investigations in response to the allegations against Brand. Channel 4 has removed content featuring Brand from their streaming service while the investigations are underway. The BBC has expressed its commitment to addressing the raised issues and ensuring safe and professional working environments in the industry.

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