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Rescue Dog’s Song Becomes Viral Sound Clip on TikTok

Most pet owners have a silly song or two they’ve made up about their four-legged bestie. But few can say they’ve watched their original tune go viral.

That’s exactly what happened to a self-described dog mom named Mel (@macrosbymel), who recently posted a TikTok with her rescue dog and unintentionally created a viral sound clip that’s resonating deeply with thousands of strangers.

In the clip, Mel films her anxious rescue pup Rue as they both ride the elevator. To calm her down, Mel gives the pup snacks while singing her made-up jingle, which contains some reassuring lyrics: “She’s so brave; she’s well behaved / She is not afraid / She’s powerful; she’s a good girl / She is our whole world.”

Since posting the video, Mel’s song has turned into a viral sound that’s been used in countless other “brave” pet videos. But it’s also become something of an anthem for introverts everywhere, who are now using it to articulate a lot of their silent, everyday struggles.

Studies have shown that introverts make up roughly 50 percent of the population, which is probably why so many people feel seen the song’s lyrics.

As the sound clip continues to go viral, a lot of self-described introverts are using it to (jokingly) congratulate themselves for finishing simple yet dreaded tasks they would normally try to avoid.

The relatable TikToks have really been taking off, with more than 4,600 videos using the sound clip to date. Thousands of others have flocked to the comments to share how surprisingly emotional the little song has made them.

“I need this for every Monday morning struggle 😭” commented @lilianasolisr.

“I love how this song is collectively holding us all together,” wrote @mother0fcatz.

“Had a job interview today and listened to this beforehand😩” commented @hot_wheelz_.