Mayim Bialik Shares Fun Dance Routine on Instagram

Mayim Bialik Shares Fun Dance Routine on Instagram

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Mayim Bialik, former co-host of Jeopardy!, recently posted a video on Instagram showcasing her dance skills and embracing her Blossom days. In the video, Mayim performs a semi-choreographed routine for National Dance Day and invites her followers to join her in dancing it out together.

Back in May, Mayim made the decision to back out of filming the final week of Jeopardy! season 39 in solidarity with the WGA strike. This led to speculation that Ken Jennings would become the sole host for all things Jeopardy! related. The news was later confirmed when Sony Pictures announced Ken as the host for Jeopardy! and the upcoming Celebrity Jeopardy! season 2.

While fans miss seeing Mayim on their screens, they are thrilled that she is sharing her charm and fun in other ways, such as through her dancing videos on Instagram. The video garnered positive responses from fans, with comments expressing admiration for Mayim’s celebration of life and enjoyment of her videos.

There were also references to Mayim’s character on The Big Bang Theory, with fans jokingly asking if Sheldon knew about her dancing or if her character, Amy Farrah Fowler, danced like that. Mayim’s videos continue to bring joy to her fans, ensuring that as long as she keeps making them, they will keep watching.

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