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Stuart Hogg’s Inspirational Post Sparks Curiosity

Former rugby player Stuart Hogg has recently shared an intriguing quote on his Instagram account, leaving fans and followers wondering about its meaning. The post comes just days after the birth of his fourth child and a picture surfaced of him at a spa with ex-jockey Leonna Mayor.

The quote in question reads, “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.” While it is unclear what specific message Hogg intended to convey, the sentiment resonates with many who believe in embracing positivity and focusing on the potential for success.

This cryptic post follows speculation surrounding Hogg’s relationship and marriage. In July, Hogg announced his retirement from rugby prior to the Rugby World Cup. He expressed his disappointment in not being able to perform at his desired level due to physical limitations. Hogg shares four children with his wife Gillian Smith, whom he married in 2016.

The presence of Leonna Mayor in the spa photo has further fueled speculation. Mayor, a retired jockey acclaimed for her achievements in the sport, garnered attention in 2013 for an underwear photoshoot with Zoo magazine. Despite the criticism she faced, Mayor stood her decision, stating she had no regrets and that it did not harm anyone.

Mayor’s success as a sportswoman and pundit has been overshadowed her appearance, fueling stereotypes and assumptions. She has consistently worked hard to prove herself and dismiss the notion that her career is solely based on her looks. Mayor remains focused on her achievements and future aspirations, valuing hard work and determination above all else.

As Hogg’s post continues to spark curiosity, fans eagerly await further insight into the intention behind these cryptic words. For now, it serves as a reminder to embrace positivity and the potential for success in any situation.


What was the quote that Stuart Hogg shared on Instagram?

Stuart Hogg shared the quote, “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.”

Who is Leonna Mayor?

Leonna Mayor is a former jockey known for her achievements in the sport. She gained attention in 2013 for a photoshoot with Zoo magazine, and since then, she has worked as a sports pundit.

Why did Leonna Mayor receive criticism for her photoshoot?

Leonna Mayor faced criticism for her photoshoot due to societal stereotypes and assumptions about her career being solely based on her appearance. However, she remains focused on her accomplishments and aims to prove herself through hard work and determination.