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David Beckham’s Netflix Documentary Sparks Controversy, but Glenn Hoddle Maintains a Strong Bond

David Beckham, renowned football legend, has captured the hearts of millions across the globe with his charismatic personality and extraordinary talent on the field. Recently, Beckham’s Netflix documentary series caused quite a stir, attracting a wave of backlash. However, despite the controversy surrounding the series, his former England boss, Glenn Hoddle, maintains a strong and positive bond with the football icon.

The documentary seemed to have unveiled a side of Beckham that some found less favorable, and criticism swiftly followed. However, instead of supporting his former protege, Hoddle faced his share of criticism for not acting as Beckham’s shield against the negative comments. Yet, Hoddle remains unperturbed the backlash and confidently declares that he bears no ill will towards Beckham.

While the documentary may have revealed some aspects of Beckham’s life that were met with disapproval, it is essential to remember that documentaries often emphasize certain elements for dramatic effect. Beckham’s story is one of determination, triumphs, challenges, and human flaws like any other individual’s. It is crucial for viewers to approach such documentaries with an open mind and recognize that they present a curated narrative, showcasing only a fraction of a person’s life.

Instead of focusing solely on the negative aspects portrayed in the series, it is equally important to celebrate Beckham’s remarkable journey and continued impact both on and off the football pitch. From his glittering career in the sport to his philanthropic endeavors and role as a cultural icon, Beckham has left an indelible mark on the world.


Q: What is the controversy surrounding David Beckham’s Netflix documentary?
A: The documentary received backlash due to some unfavorable aspects of Beckham’s life being revealed.

Q: Why did Glenn Hoddle face criticism?
A: Hoddle received criticism for not protecting Beckham from the negative comments in the documentary.

Q: Does Glenn Hoddle still have a good relationship with David Beckham?
A: Yes, Hoddle maintains a strong bond with Beckham and bears no ill will towards him.