Evergent and Irdeto Collaborate to Enhance Subscription Services for OTT Streaming Providers

Evergent and Irdeto Collaborate to Enhance Subscription Services for OTT Streaming Providers


Evergent and Irdeto have entered into a strategic collaboration to combine their respective solutions in order to enhance subscription services for OTT streaming providers. By merging Evergent’s subscription and customer management solutions with Irdeto’s video streaming security and management tools, the partnership aims to enable streaming providers to bring innovative and customized offerings to the rapidly growing market for subscription-based services.

According to Statista, the global market for OTT video is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10% over the next five years. In order to thrive in this competitive landscape, OTT streaming providers need to differentiate themselves offering customer-friendly packages and seamless experiences. The collaboration between Evergent and Irdeto will equip companies with the ability to quickly bundle various offers and services, allowing them to tailor their customer offerings and bring them to market at an accelerated pace.

Vijay Sajja, Founder and CEO of Evergent, emphasized the importance of speed and flexibility in today’s economic climate. He expressed his excitement about the partnership with Irdeto, as it aligns with their common goals and values. By leveraging the combined product offerings, OTT customers will be empowered to design services and bundles that attract and retain loyal subscribers. Evergent and Irdeto aim to provide the subscription services market with speed, flexibility, and reliability.

The collaboration between Evergent and Irdeto will deliver easy-to-deploy solutions for subscription service providers. Evergent’s suite of monetization and customer experience solutions enables OTT streaming video and other service providers to efficiently plan, evaluate, and implement new business strategies. Pay-TV operators pursuing a super-aggregation strategy, combining broadcast with OTT services, can leverage Irdeto’s cybersecurity solutions to deploy hybrid or pure OTT services securely on Android TV or RDK set-top boxes.

Doug Lowther, CEO at Irdeto, highlighted the synergy between Irdeto’s secure video streaming solutions and Evergent’s customer management tools, emphasizing the substantial impact it will have on streaming video providers and other subscription-based video companies. He mentioned that no other solution offers the same level of functionality and ease of use. Lowther expressed enthusiasm about the future of the partnership and the additional value it will bring to customers.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Evergent and Irdeto will empower OTT streaming providers to enhance their subscription services offering tailored customer offerings and deploying innovative business strategies. This partnership is expected to drive growth and success in the evolving market for subscription-based video services.


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