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Guardia Civil Warns of New Scam Targeting WhatsApp Accounts

The Guardia Civil in Spain has issued a warning about a new type of scam targeting WhatsApp accounts. In this scam, criminals attempt to hijack user accounts requesting the six-digit verification codes sent via SMS and asking the victims to urgently pass them on through WhatsApp. Once the victims comply and share the verification codes, they instantly lose access to their accounts.

To raise awareness about this scam, the Guardia Civil has released a video on social media platforms. They urge users never to share these six-digit codes, which are intended for control and verification purposes only. The law enforcement agency also advises against clicking on suspicious links and urges caution even when such messages come from contacts in our phonebook, especially if they involve requests for money or unsolicited offers.

In addition to these precautionary measures, the Guardia Civil recommends enabling two-step verification for extra protection. By activating this feature, users will need to provide a secondary code or an additional password when logging into their WhatsApp accounts, thereby significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

WhatsApp, with its 35 million users in Spain alone, has become a prime target for cybercriminals. Therefore, the Guardia Civil emphasizes the importance of reporting any scams or suspicious activities related to WhatsApp to their local police division.


What is the new scam targeting WhatsApp accounts?
The new scam involves criminals requesting victims to share the six-digit verification codes sent via SMS, which are then promptly used to hijack their WhatsApp accounts.

How can I protect myself from this scam?
To protect yourself, never share the six-digit verification codes with anyone, enable two-step verification on your WhatsApp account, and exercise caution when receiving messages that request money or make unsolicited offers.

What is two-step verification?
Two-step verification is an additional security feature that requires users to provide a secondary code or password during the login process, providing an extra layer of protection for your WhatsApp account.

Sources: Guardia Civil