Vancouver Sits: Capturing the Beauty of People Enjoying the City

Vancouver Sits: Capturing the Beauty of People Enjoying the City

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Lior Noyman was inspired the serene scenes he witnessed outside his West End apartment in Vancouver. Wanting to capture these moments and share them with others, he began Vancouver Sits, a new Instagram account dedicated to showcasing people taking a pause and enjoying the city’s beauty.

As a filmmaker, Noyman rarely finds time to appreciate the city himself. However, he takes pleasure in photographing those who do. By snapping pictures of individuals sitting on benches and soaking in the sun, he aims to spread joy and inspire others to take a moment for themselves.

Noyman believes that if these photos bring a smile to his face, they have the potential to do the same for others. His hope is that those who live close to parks or other outdoor spaces will be encouraged to go out, take a seat, and relish the experience.

Comparing life in the city to a box of cake mix, Noyman suggests that just as one should eventually bake the cake, people should seize the opportunity to enjoy the beauty that surrounds them.

While the majority of the photos on Vancouver Sits are taken Noyman himself, he eagerly anticipates contributions from others. Furthermore, he encourages individuals to adopt the concept of capturing people sitting in various communities, whether it be on benches, chairs, or grassy areas.

The objective of Vancouver Sits is to allow individuals to have a moment for themselves and share it with others. In a time when life can be hectic and fast-paced, Noyman’s project serves as a reminder to pause, appreciate the surroundings, and find solace in the simple act of sitting.

– Vancouver Is Awesome