Glitch in Twitter’s Community Notes Labels False Tweet about Elon Musk

Glitch in Twitter’s Community Notes Labels False Tweet about Elon Musk

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Twitter’s feature called Community Notes, which allows users to add context to misleading tweets and combat misinformation, experienced a glitch on Tuesday. A tweet claiming “Elon Musk is reportedly considering the idea of killing himself” received a ‘This is True’ label from the Community Notes, despite being clearly false. The screenshot of the tweet quickly went viral on social media platforms.

Many Twitter users reacted to this apparent glitch, questioning the validity and value of the Community Notes feature. Some speculated if the notes had access to information that the public was unaware of, while others expressed frustration with the out-of-hand situation. This false note was eventually removed Twitter.

It is important to note that Elon Musk has publicly stated that he is not suicidal. In December of last year, during a live Q&A session, Musk addressed concerns about his mental health, confirming that he doesn’t have any thoughts of self-harm. He even emphasized that if any reports suggested otherwise, they were not true.

In other news, Musk made headlines on the same day when he hinted at the possibility of implementing a paywall on Twitter. This would mean that users would have to pay a monthly fee to access the platform. Musk discussed this idea during a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stating that a payment system was necessary to address issues with bots on the platform.

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