Elon Musk Considers Implementing a Paywall for X Social Media Platform

Elon Musk Considers Implementing a Paywall for X Social Media Platform

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Tech mogul Elon Musk has suggested that users of the popular social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) may have to start paying for access to the service. Musk believes that the introduction of a payment system is necessary to combat the issue of bots and fake accounts. During a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in California, Musk proposed the idea of a small monthly fee for using the platform.

Musk has long been an advocate for charging users for verification as a way to eliminate bots and ensure the authenticity of accounts on social media. Since gaining control of Twitter last year and renaming it X, Musk has been exploring various options to monetize the platform. One such option is X Premium, which offers paid subscribers additional features like longer posts and higher profiles. However, the platform remains free for regular users.

In Australia, X Premium currently costs $19 per month, with prices varying depending on the user’s location. Musk has mentioned that the company is also exploring cheaper alternatives for users. However, the implementation of a paywall comes with the risk of losing a significant number of users, which could result in lower advertising revenue, the platform’s primary source of income.

During the conversation with Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister urged Musk to address the issue of antisemitism on X. However, it is unclear how the paywall would directly contribute to such efforts.

In conclusion, Elon Musk’s consideration of implementing a paywall for X is aimed at tackling the problem of bots and fake accounts. While it may provide a more secure and authentic user experience, there is a potential risk of losing users and advertising revenue. The details regarding the payment system, pricing, and additional features are yet to be fully disclosed.