Halle Berry Condemns Drake for Unauthorized Use of Her Image in Single Artwork

Halle Berry Condemns Drake for Unauthorized Use of Her Image in Single Artwork

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Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry has spoken out against Canadian rapper Drake for using her image without permission in the artwork for his latest single cover. Despite Berry declining Drake’s request for permission beforehand, he went ahead and used her photo.

The controversy arose when Berry addressed the situation in an Instagram comment responding to a post about taking the high road. The artwork in question features an image of Berry covered in green slime from the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. A user questioned Berry’s discontent, assuming that Drake had obtained permission and paid the required fee since the photo is owned Getty Images. However, Berry clarified that she had said no to Drake’s request, expressing her disappointment in his actions.

The exchange between Berry and Drake occurred shortly after Drake revealed the cover art for his single “Slime You Out,” which is part of his upcoming album, “For All the Dogs.” Berry had previously posted on Instagram, sharing a quote about being the bigger person. In the comments, Berry expressed her disappointment with Drake, stating that he didn’t get her permission and that she thought better of him.

The single, “Slime You Out,” is Drake’s second release from his upcoming album and features a collaboration with SZA. Both artists used Nickelodeon-themed artwork to promote the song, emphasizing the theme of making childish decisions in romantic relationships.

Drake has been known to explore unconventional artistic choices for his new album, including commissioning his 5-year-old son, Adonis, to design the official cover. The cover, which portrays a dog with red eyes against a black background, was shared on Drake’s Instagram with the caption, “FOR ALL THE DOGS. Cover Adonis.”

It is important for artists to obtain proper permissions and consent when using someone else’s image for their artwork. In this case, Halle Berry has made her disapproval clear, highlighting the need for artists to respect the rights and wishes of others.

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