A Chinese Travel Influencer Accuses Tourist Spot of Discrimination

A Chinese Travel Influencer Accuses Tourist Spot of Discrimination

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A popular Chinese travel influencer on Douyin, with nearly 4 million followers, has sparked controversy accusing a tourist spot in Hubei province of practicing “blind worship of foreigners.” The vlogger, known as Lanzhanfei, claimed that staff at a Tang dynasty-themed tourist attraction in Xiangyang city discriminated against domestic tourists.

According to Lanzhanfei, he had paid for a horse-riding performance at the site but was not allowed to stand or sit in front of an area reserved for foreign guests. The situation escalated when the performance was postponed for seven minutes to accommodate late-arriving foreign guests, causing further frustration for Lanzhanfei.

The tourist site issued a formal apology via their WeChat account. However, the apology did not mention the preferential treatment given to foreign guests or address the claim of discrimination against Chinese tourists. Some netizens felt that the apology was insincere, while others criticized Lanzhanfei for allegedly exaggerating the incident and damaging Xiangyang city’s reputation.

Another Douyin user, Duojisheng, posted a video from the same night that appeared to contradict Lanzhanfei’s claims. In the video, the site staff can be heard offering Lanzhanfei a seat with a better view and a refund for his ticket, but he declined.

In response to the backlash, Lanzhanfei released a 10-minute video implying that the criticism he received was part of a coordinated media attack the tourist attraction staff, whom he called a “conspiracy.” He further asserted that he livestreams every place he visits and would permanently withdraw from the platform if he ever actively smeared the reputations of scenic spots.

This incident has ignited a heated debate on Chinese social media, highlighting the sensitive issue of national pride and fair treatment for domestic tourists. As travel influencers continue to play a significant role in shaping public opinion, incidents like these are likely to raise broader questions about ethics, transparency, and responsible travel reporting.

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