New Petition Calls for Reinstatement of Suspended Doctor

An online petition with over 58,000 signatures is demanding the reversal of the suspension of Dr. Yipeng Ge, a medical resident at the University of Ottawa. The petition expresses solidarity with Dr. Ge and calls for an apology and a thorough investigation into the decision to suspend him.

The suspension came after Dr. Ge posted pro-Palestinian messages on social media, including criticism of what he referred to as “apartheid upon Palestinian people” and “settler colonialism.” These posts drew the attention of Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, an associate professor at the University of Ottawa, who labeled them as instances of “antisemitism.”

While the University of Ottawa has not provided specific details about the alleged breach of professional standards, they have confirmed that interim measures have been taken while a subcommittee examines the case. Dr. Ge confirmed via social media that he was suspended about two weeks ago but has declined to comment further.

Dr. Ge’s case is not an isolated incident. Another local doctor faced consequences for posting pro-Palestinian views on social media, including receiving threats after having his address shared online. These instances raise questions about the boundaries of free speech and the impact of social media on professional reputations.

The University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine postgraduate professionalism subcommittee will determine whether Dr. Ge’s social media activity violated the College of Physicians and Surgeons policy and the Faculty of Medicine’s professionalism guidelines. In the meantime, Dr. Ge will continue to receive his full salary and benefits.

The situation surrounding Dr. Ge’s suspension has ignited a debate about the intersection of activism, freedom of expression, and professional responsibilities. It highlights the need for institutions to establish clear guidelines and protocols for addressing social media posts medical professionals.

As the petition gains momentum, it reflects a growing sentiment among many who believe that the suspension of Dr. Ge is an act of silencing dissent and stifling advocacy for the human rights of Palestinians. The outcome of this case has the potential to have far-reaching implications for professionals expressing their opinions on sensitive political matters.


1. Why was Dr. Yipeng Ge suspended?

Dr. Yipeng Ge was suspended from his medical residency at the University of Ottawa for posting pro-Palestinian messages on social media.

2. What does the petition demand?

The online petition calls for the university to reverse the suspension of Dr. Ge, issue an apology, and conduct a thorough investigation into the decision.

3. How many signatures does the petition have?

The petition has garnered over 58,000 signatures since it was posted on Saturday.

4. Are there other doctors facing consequences for social media posts?

Yes, another doctor faced consequences, including threats and suspension, after posting pro-Palestinian views on social media.

5. What will happen next in the case of Dr. Ge’s suspension?

The University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine postgraduate professionalism subcommittee will assess whether Dr. Ge breached professional standards through his social media activity. The process will unfold while Dr. Ge continues to receive his full salary and benefits.