DIRECTV and Nexstar Finalize Deal to End Blackout for Customers

DIRECTV and Nexstar Finalize Deal to End Blackout for Customers


Yesterday, DIRECTV and Nexstar reached a temporary agreement to bring back Nexstar-owned local channels to DIRECTV customers. Now, the two companies have announced a finalized deal, ending the months-long blackout for DIRECTV subscribers. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but this deal also includes the return of NewsNation to DIRECTV.

DIRECTV CEO Bill Morrow addressed subscribers in a statement, expressing his gratitude for their patience and loyalty during the blackout period. He acknowledged that access to programming has become a battleground for networks and stations to negotiate higher rates. However, he assured customers that DIRECTV is committed to offering them choice, personalization, and value in future programming.

All Nexstar-owned locals have already been restored to DIRECTV, DIRECTV STREAM, and U-verse TV. Any stations that are not yet live should be returning to DIRECTV in the near future.

This development follows a similar resolution between Spectrum and Disney, who also recently ended their blackout due to a contract dispute. However, DISH and Comcast are still in the midst of contract negotiations with local TV station owners, resulting in ongoing blackouts for their customers.

Overall, the finalized deal between DIRECTV and Nexstar marks a significant step forward in resolving the blackout issue and ensuring that customers can once again enjoy their favorite local channels and programming. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed publicly.

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