The Rise of Instagram for Publishers

The Rise of Instagram for Publishers

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A recent survey Digiday+ Research has shown a significant increase in publishers using Instagram as a social media platform. The survey, which included around 200 publisher professionals, found that 91% of publishers are actively using Instagram, surpassing the percentage of publishers using Facebook. This upward trend has been consistent over the past two years, indicating a shift in publishers’ use of social media platforms.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that more publishers are posting content on Instagram on a daily basis. This year, 69% of publisher professionals reported posting on Instagram every day, compared to 64% in the previous year. In contrast, the percentage of publishers posting content on Facebook daily has been declining.

Interestingly, publishers are spending less on creating original content for Instagram this year. This suggests that publishers have found ways to make the platform work for them without significant investment. However, paid advertising on Instagram has seen a notable increase, with 61% of publisher professionals stating that their titles purchased advertising on the platform in the past month.

The survey also highlighted the value of Instagram as a revenue driver for publishers. Eighty-three percent of publisher professionals stated that Instagram is at least somewhat valuable in driving their revenues, an increase from previous years. Instagram is also increasingly being recognized as a brand builder for publishers, with 86% stating that it is valuable or extremely valuable for branding.

Overall, the survey demonstrates that Instagram has become an essential platform for publishers, offering both revenue opportunities and brand-building potential. Publishers are investing more in utilizing Instagram’s features and advertising options to maximize their impact on the platform.

Source: Digiday (no URL provided)