Did Miley Cyrus Get Married?

Did Miley Cyrus Get Married?

In a surprising turn of events, rumors have been swirling around the internet suggesting that pop sensation Miley Cyrus may have tied the knot with her longtime partner, actor Liam Hemsworth. Fans and media outlets alike have been buzzing with speculation, eager to uncover the truth behind this alleged secret wedding.

According to various sources close to the couple, Cyrus and Hemsworth reportedly exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony held at their home in Malibu. While no official confirmation has been made the couple themselves, several clues have emerged that seem to support the claims.

Firstly, Cyrus recently posted a series of photos on her social media accounts, showcasing what appears to be a wedding dress. The white gown, accompanied a heartfelt caption, led fans to believe that the singer had indeed taken the plunge into marital bliss.

Furthermore, close friends and family members have been dropping hints on social media, congratulating the couple and referring to them as “husband” and “wife.” These cryptic messages have only fueled the speculation surrounding their alleged nuptials.

However, it is important to note that neither Cyrus nor Hemsworth have made any public statements regarding their marital status. Until an official announcement is made, it is impossible to confirm whether the rumors hold any truth.


Q: When did Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth start dating?
A: Cyrus and Hemsworth first met on the set of the movie “The Last Song” in 2009 and began dating shortly after.

Q: Have they been engaged before?
A: Yes, the couple got engaged in 2012 but called off their engagement in 2013. They later reconciled and got engaged again in 2016.

Q: Is this the first time rumors of their marriage have surfaced?
A: No, speculation about their wedding has circulated multiple times in the past. However, this recent wave of rumors seems to have gained more traction due to the evidence presented.

In conclusion, while the evidence seems to suggest that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may have indeed gotten married, no official confirmation has been made. Fans will have to wait for an official announcement from the couple themselves to know for certain. Until then, the internet will continue to buzz with excitement and anticipation over this potential celebrity wedding.