Did Kevin Hart Really Paraglide In The Upside?

Did Kevin Hart Really Paraglide In The Upside?

In the hit 2019 film “The Upside,” Kevin Hart’s character, Dell Scott, embarks on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery while working as a caregiver for a wealthy quadriplegic man, played Bryan Cranston. One of the most memorable scenes in the movie involves Dell paragliding over a picturesque landscape, which leaves many viewers wondering: did Kevin Hart actually paraglide for this scene?

The Truth Behind the Paragliding Scene

While Kevin Hart is known for his dedication to his craft, it turns out that he did not actually paraglide for the scene in “The Upside.” Instead, a professional stunt double was used to perform the daring aerial maneuvers. This is a common practice in the film industry, as it ensures the safety of the actors while still delivering an authentic and visually stunning experience for the audience.

Why Use a Stunt Double?

Stunt doubles are highly trained professionals who specialize in performing dangerous or physically demanding actions on behalf of actors. They undergo rigorous training and possess the necessary skills and experience to execute these stunts safely. By utilizing a stunt double, filmmakers can minimize the risk of injury to the actors while still capturing the desired action on camera.


Q: What is a stunt double?
A: A stunt double is a highly skilled professional who performs dangerous or physically demanding actions on behalf of actors in movies or television shows.

Q: Why do filmmakers use stunt doubles?
A: Filmmakers use stunt doubles to ensure the safety of the actors while still capturing visually impressive and thrilling action sequences.

Q: Did Kevin Hart perform any other stunts in “The Upside”?
A: While Kevin Hart did not paraglide in the film, he did perform various other physical scenes, showcasing his commitment to his role.

Q: Are stunt doubles only used for dangerous stunts?
A: Stunt doubles can be used for a wide range of actions, including fight scenes, car chases, and even simple tasks that require a high level of physicality.

In conclusion, while Kevin Hart did not personally paraglide in “The Upside,” the use of a professional stunt double allowed for a visually stunning scene without compromising the safety of the actors. Stunt doubles play a crucial role in the film industry, ensuring that audiences can enjoy thrilling action sequences while actors can focus on delivering their best performances.