The Government’s Stand Against Deepfakes: Urging Social Media Platforms to Take Action

The government is stepping up its efforts to combat the growing threat of deepfake videos on social media platforms. IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw announced that the government will soon be convening a meeting with major social media companies to address the issue.

Deepfake videos, which are created using artificial intelligence technology to manipulate or alter content, have become a cause for concern due to their potential to spread misinformation and deceive users. The government believes that social media platforms must take adequate steps to remove such content from their platforms, or they will no longer be protected under the safe harbour immunity clause.

“We have noticed that platforms have taken some measures, but we believe that more needs to be done,” stated Mr. Vaishnaw. “In the next few days, we will be inviting all the platforms for a brainstorming session to ensure that they make sufficient efforts to prevent deepfakes and clean up their systems.”

The meeting will not be limited to smaller platforms; major players like Meta and Google will also be called upon to participate. The intention is to encourage a collective effort to tackle deepfakes and safeguard the integrity of information shared on these platforms.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also expressed concern about the potential crisis that deepfakes could ignite in society. He emphasized the importance of raising awareness about the misuse of this technology and educating people on how to identify and discern deepfake content.

As the government takes a firm stance on combating deepfakes, social media platforms will be under increased scrutiny to remove and prevent the spread of this deceptive content. It is crucial for these platforms to step up their efforts in order to maintain the safe harbour immunity protection they currently enjoy.


What are deepfake videos?
Deepfake videos are manipulated or altered videos created using artificial intelligence technology. They can make it appear as though someone said or did something that they never actually did.

Why are deepfakes a concern?
Deepfakes have the potential to spread misinformation and deceive users. They can be used to create fake content and narratives, causing harm and damage to individuals and society.

What action is the government taking against deepfakes?
The government is urging social media platforms to take adequate steps to remove deepfake content from their platforms. They will be convening a meeting with major platforms to discuss this issue and ensure that sufficient efforts are made to combat deepfakes.

Will platforms lose their safe harbour immunity protection?
Platforms that fail to take adequate action against deepfakes may lose the safe harbour immunity protection they currently enjoy. The government has made it clear that platforms must actively work towards preventing and removing deepfake content.