AI Impacting Professionals in the UAE: Changes, Opportunities, and Challenges

AI Impacting Professionals in the UAE: Changes, Opportunities, and Challenges

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According to recent research from LinkedIn, employees in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are preparing for a new way of working as advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) continue to shape the professional landscape. The survey revealed that two-thirds (67%) of professionals in the UAE believe that AI will significantly change the way they work within the next year. Furthermore, a staggering 72% expect AI to have a significant impact on their work within the next five years.

The UAE has been a frontrunner in AI investment, even before the recent surge in AI developments. In 2017, the country launched its National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031, positioning itself as a leader in AI innovation across various sectors. This proactive approach is reflected in the attitudes of UAE professionals, with 54% already using AI in their jobs.

Despite a lack of formal AI training from their employers, more than half (59%) of UAE professionals express a keen interest in learning more about AI. They recognize the potential AI holds for their careers, with 97% believing that it will contribute to their career progression in some way. Additionally, 82% see AI as a tool that can improve their work-life balance, allowing them to focus on more meaningful tasks and seek assistance for questions they may be hesitant to ask colleagues.

While optimism about AI’s potential is high, there is also a recognition that more needs to be done to educate professionals on how to effectively utilize AI. In fact, 45% of UAE professionals feel that their colleagues have a better understanding of AI than they do. In order to bridge this gap, LinkedIn is unlocking and offering its most popular AI courses for free on LinkedIn Learning to help professionals develop the necessary skills.

The research also highlights the importance of combining soft skills with AI skills for future success. UAE professionals place great value on interpersonal skills such as problem-solving, time-management, resilience, and strategic thinking, recognizing that these skills will become even more crucial as AI continues to grow in prominence.

Overall, the UAE workforce demonstrates a positive attitude towards AI, embracing its potential and seeking opportunities to enhance their careers through AI integration. As AI becomes increasingly prevalent, professionals are encouraged to invest in learning AI skills, leverage their networks for knowledge sharing, and highlight their soft skills to complement the capabilities of AI.

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