Police Involved in Altercation Between YouTuber Jack Doherty and Streamer Izi Prime

Police Involved in Altercation Between YouTuber Jack Doherty and Streamer Izi Prime

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The police were called to the scene after an explosive confrontation occurred during a live stream involving popular YouTuber, Jack Doherty, and prominent streamer, Izi Prime. Doherty, known for his prank videos and collaborations with major stars, was slapped Prime, leading to a physical altercation.

With over 11 million subscribers on YouTube, Doherty is a well-known influencer. He was collaborating with Prime, who has a combined following of over 400k fans on Kick and Twitch, as well as 223k subscribers on YouTube.

The dramatic incident unfolded after police arrived at Doherty’s residence following noise complaints from neighbors, which turned out to be false. It was discovered that Doherty’s address had been leaked during the live stream and was being spammed in the chat.

During the live stream, Prime unexpectedly reached back with his left hand and slapped Doherty across the side of his head. As security escorted Prime away, he boasted about the act. In response, one of Doherty’s friends attempted to retaliate, but was restrained security.

Fortunately, the police officers at the scene swiftly intervened, asking Doherty if he wanted to press charges. Ultimately, Doherty decided to waive any prosecution against Prime signing a form. The incident was settled with the police filing a report based on the accounts provided.

This is not the first time the police have had to respond to incidents originating from live streams. In a separate incident, streamer Adin Ross was swatted while streaming at a boxing gym, resulting in a police response.

– Virginia Glaze, date unknown, available upon request