Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski Working to Get Youth Involved in Electoral Process

Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski Working to Get Youth Involved in Electoral Process

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Local clerks in Douglas County are thrilled to hear that Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski is making efforts to engage young people in the electoral process. During a recent visit to Superior, Godlewski hosted a listening session with local clerks and elected officials.

One of the main initiatives that Godlewski is working on is partnering with high schools to encourage participation in elections. She aims to create programs that allow students to work at the polls and gain a deeper understanding of the election process. County Clerk Kaci Lundgren expressed her support for this initiative, stating that hands-on experience is crucial for fully grasping the importance of democracy and government.

To further incentivize youth involvement, Godlewski is exploring funding opportunities to pay young people a small wage for their work at the polls. This would not only provide an incentive for youth to participate, but also help address the shortage of workers during elections.

In addition to these programs, local officials in Superior are also exploring other ways to involve young people in the electoral process. Superior City Clerk Heidi Blunt is in discussions with the Career Services Center at the University of Wisconsin-Superior to potentially create internships in her office leading up to the 2024 elections. The goal is to provide hands-on experience and encourage young people to engage with local government.

Furthermore, Blunt is interested in collaborating with the university’s “Jackets Vote” effort, which aims to increase voter participation among college students. She hopes to involve young people in election inspection and assisting poll workers.

Wisconsin allows youths ages 16 and 17 to participate as election inspectors at the polls, and they undergo the same training as older election inspectors. Godlewski is considering providing funding for small wages for these young election inspectors.

The ultimate goal of these initiatives is to combat misinformation, as there is often misinformation surrounding elections. By involving young people, the hope is that they can witness firsthand how elections are conducted and contribute to their community.

Overall, Godlewski’s efforts to engage young people in the electoral process have been met with enthusiasm local clerks in Douglas County. They believe that involving young people not only addresses the shortage of workers but also fosters a better understanding of government and encourages active citizenship.

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