Netflix Interactive Movie “Choose Love” Falls Short of Expectations

Netflix Interactive Movie “Choose Love” Falls Short of Expectations

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The latest interactive movie from Netflix, “Choose Love,” allows viewers to make decisions and guide the protagonist’s love life. While Netflix has previously released interactive content, such as “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” this is the first interactive movie catered towards a female audience. However, “Choose Love” fails to deliver the same level of critical and commercial success as its predecessor.

The story follows Cami Conway, a woman at a crossroads in her relationship and career. After a visit to a fortune teller, Cami is presented with three potential suitors to choose from: her steady boyfriend, the one that got away, and a charismatic rock star. Viewers can make decisions for Cami and determine her path in life and love.

Unfortunately, “Choose Love” lacks the production value, audience interaction, and real stakes seen in “Bandersnatch.” The story is flat and relies on cliché archetypes found in modern romantic movies. The interactive elements begin abruptly, providing little background information about Cami or her desires. Regardless of the choices made, every version of Cami’s tale seems to follow a passive and predictable storyline.

The characters in “Choose Love” are one-dimensional, and the dialogue and story arcs lack depth. The film misses an opportunity to inject more humor, sex appeal, and excitement that has worked in traditional rom-coms. The lack of enjoyment and fun in the movie makes it difficult for viewers to be invested in the outcome or explore all the possible endings.

While some of the performances are commendable, particularly Avan Jogia as the rock star Rex, the overall writing and construction of the movie hinder the actors’ abilities to deliver compelling emotions. Jogia brings a playful and consistent energy to his role, but the chemistry between the leads is lacking in other parts of the film.

In conclusion, “Choose Love” falls short of expectations. It fails to capture the excitement and engagement of previous Netflix interactive content. The movie lacks drama, stakes, and compelling characters, ultimately making it an unfulfilling and forgettable viewing experience.

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