Shengshi Tangcheng Apologizes After Allegations of Discrimination Towards Chinese Visitors

Shengshi Tangcheng Apologizes After Allegations of Discrimination Towards Chinese Visitors

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Shengshi Tangcheng, a popular tourist destination in China’s Hubei province, has issued a public apology following accusations of discriminating against Chinese visitors. The controversy began when a Douyin user, Lanzhanfei, with a large following of four million, uploaded a video in which he claimed that the tourist site was forcing local tourists to give up their seats for foreigners. Lanzhanfei alleged that despite paying 126 yuan ($17) for a ticket to watch a night performance at Shengshi Tangcheng, many Chinese visitors were left standing as a section of the seating area was reserved exclusively for foreigners. Additionally, Lanzhanfei mentioned that the performance was delayed seven minutes to accommodate foreign guests.

The video quickly garnered four million views, fueling outrage online and prompting Shengshi Tangcheng to publish an apology on its WeChat account. The site also offered one-year entrance passes to visitors who had purchased tickets for the show that day as compensation. However, this apology was met with skepticism and did little to alleviate the anger of many netizens.

A twist occurred when another Douyin user, Duojisheying, uploaded a video contradicting Lanzhanfei’s claims. Duojisheying stated that he had been to Shengshi Tangcheng multiple times and witnessed the performance being postponed often for safety purposes, not solely for foreign visitors. This led netizens to question the authenticity of Lanzhanfei’s video and question his intentions.

In conclusion, Shengshi Tangcheng has faced backlash and scrutiny after allegations of discrimination towards Chinese visitors surfaced. While the site issued an apology and attempted to compensate affected visitors, doubts have arisen regarding the accuracy of the initial claims. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing concerns promptly and transparently in the digital age.

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