Cedar Crest College Embraces Virtual Reality Technology for Education

Cedar Crest College in the Lehigh Valley is embracing virtual reality technology to enhance the learning experience for its students. The college has partnered with Meta, a company specializing in virtual reality, to introduce this innovative approach in the classroom.

As part of the program, Cedar Crest College recently hosted a seminar in its library to introduce the students enrolled in the program to the virtual reality headsets. Bruce Sarte, the Director of Information Technology at Cedar Crest College, explained that they received 15 headsets through Meta’s program, which provides educational institutions with access to their business application platform and licensing for virtual reality platforms like VictoryXR.

The headsets offer various platforms that cater to different academic disciplines such as health sciences, nursing, forensics, history, and art. This technology enables students to explore and immerse themselves in these subjects in a whole new way.

During a trial run, a Cedar Crest College senior, Paige Volovnik, shared her experience of trying on one of the headsets. She expressed that while wearing the headset, she was unable to see her surroundings, but instead, she was focused on the virtual environment before her.

Virtual reality technology has the potential to revolutionize education providing an interactive and immersive learning experience. It allows students to engage with complex concepts and scenarios that are otherwise challenging to visualize. By embracing virtual reality, Cedar Crest College is taking a forward-thinking approach to education and equipping its students with the skills and knowledge needed for the future.

– WFMZ-TV | Kordell Gustafson