23-Year-Old Facing Sex Assault Charges in Alleged Relationship with Teen

23-Year-Old Facing Sex Assault Charges in Alleged Relationship with Teen

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A 23-year-old man from Canon City, Colorado, named Lane Rinke, has been arrested and charged with sexual assault on a child and sexual exploitation of children following an alleged months-long relationship with a teenager. The victim, who initially informed Rinke that they were 14 years old, continued to date him despite this knowledge.

The investigation was initiated the Florence Police Department (FPD) after a local school district reported an inappropriate relationship between a student and an older man. The victim’s mother discovered explicit images on her child’s phone, which had been sent to Rinke via Snapchat. She also found drug paraphernalia, lingerie, and a letter signed “Lane” in her child’s room.

Based on the information from the letter, FPD identified Rinke as a person of interest. Subsequently, the victim met with a child’s advocate and disclosed that they had met Rinke on Snapchat. The two exchanged compliments and explicit photos before meeting in person on multiple occasions.

According to court documents, the victim stated that they had sex with Rinke at a house in Florence on at least two occasions. Rinke corroborated these statements during conversations with FPD. Additionally, the victim mentioned that Rinke had driven them and their friends to school on separate occasions.

Rinke has since been released on bail, but he is scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on his charges. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of monitoring children’s online activities and being aware of potential red flags that may indicate inappropriate relationships.

– Sexual assault: Any non-consensual sexual activity that involves force or the threat of force.
– Sexual exploitation of children: The use of children in sexual activities for the purpose of producing materials such as photographs, videos, or live shows.

Sources: This information is based on an article KRDO and court documents related to the case.