Jungkook Plans to Utilize His TikTok Account for Official Purposes

Jungkook Plans to Utilize His TikTok Account for Official Purposes

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Jungkook, a member of the famous South Korean boy band BTS, accidentally revealed his secret TikTok account on August 1, creating a buzz among fans. While attempting to share a TikTok link, he inadvertently disclosed his personal account. Interestingly, it was the singer himself who drew attention to this mishap. Initially, fans didn’t pay much attention, but now that the cat is out of the bag, Jungkook has decided to embrace it.

The BTS maknae (youngest member) has since changed his account’s name and made it public. Although he only uses it occasionally to like, comment, or rarely share something, he plans to use it officially now that everyone is aware of its existence.

During an interview with Radio 103.5 KISSFM, Jungkook expressed his thoughts on TikTok, stating, “First, it was something unexpected. It was an unplanned moment. But, now that ARMY and many people discovered my account, I think I could use it for official purposes.” He also emphasized his desire to stay in touch with current trends and not fall behind. “Well, as you know, everything is so fast on TikTok, so I can use it to catch up and learn what’s trending. I don’t want to get behind in the trend. I assume you will be seeing more from me on TikTok,” he added.

In recent times, Jungkook participated in challenges with other idols, such as the Seven challenge, and even posted dance videos, like the Smoke challenge, on his TikTok account. Alongside this, he is currently busy working on his solo album. According to his own statements, he plans to release another single soon, followed the full album.

With his TikTok account now public, fans can look forward to more engaging content from Jungkook as he ventures into the TikTok space officially.

– TikTok: A popular social media platform known for its short-form videos.
– BTS: A South Korean boy band that has gained international fame.
– Maknae: The youngest member of a group in Korean culture.
– ARMY: The collective name for BTS fans.

– This article is based on the information provided in an interview with Jungkook on Radio 103.5 KISSFM.
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