Teen Arrested for Snapchat Gun Threat Outside Edina Schools

Teen Arrested for Snapchat Gun Threat Outside Edina Schools

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In a disturbing incident, a 17-year-old boy from Minneapolis has been charged after posting a video on Snapchat where he was seen holding a gun in the parking lot of Edina High School and Valley View Middle School. As a result of this threat, both schools were forced to switch to online learning for the day.

Law enforcement officials were able to quickly track down the teenager due to his social media account being registered with his own name. Although the teenager claims that his account was hacked, police have charged him with two felony charges: threats of violence and possessing a weapon while being a minor.

It is important to note that WCCO does not typically disclose the names of suspects who are under 18 years old, unless they are being tried as adults.

This incident highlights the potential dangers of social media platforms and the need for heightened security measures. The ease with which the police were able to identify the teenager raises concerns about the online safety of students and the potential consequences of inappropriate behavior showcased on these platforms.

Technology and social media have become an integral part of the lives of teenagers today, but it is vital for both parents and educators to emphasize responsible usage and the potential ramifications of misguided actions. Open communication and education about the appropriate use of social media platforms can help prevent incidents like these from occurring.

Source: WCCO (no URL)