Boots Expands Shoppable Ads Experimentation on Meta and TikTok

Boots Expands Shoppable Ads Experimentation on Meta and TikTok

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Boots, the beauty retailer, has launched its “biggest ever value campaign” focused on promoting the benefits of its Advantage card. While the main objective of the campaign is to encourage customers to sign up for the loyalty program, it also marks the expansion of Boots’ experimentation with shoppable ads.

The “Best for Less” campaign highlights the three main ways in which consumers can save money, and it is expected to reach 51 million adults in the UK through various paid media channels. The shoppable ads allow users to click directly to a product page from ads hosted on Meta and TikTok.

Boots’ CMO, Pete Markey, emphasized the importance of social commerce and the retailer’s focus on exploring shoppable ads. Over the past 18 months, Boots has been working with social partners to test and optimize the performance of these ads.

Boots was the first beauty retailer in Europe to test TikTok’s Video Shopping Ads (VSA), and the new phase of experimentation will continue to utilize this format along with Meta’s Advantage Placements option.

Markey stressed that while shoppable ads are meant to drive direct sales, they should also be engaging and increase brand awareness. The goal is for these ads to stand out, resonate with customers, and seamlessly appear on the platforms.

Boots’ priority now is to optimize its use of shoppable ads, focusing on increasing conversion rates while also monitoring awareness and engagement generated the content on social platforms.

As younger consumers increasingly shop through social platforms, it is a strategic move for Boots to invest in shoppable ads. By aligning this experiment with the Best for Less campaign, Boots can promote its Advantage card and reach the next generation of consumers.

Source: Marketing Week.