Police Officers Caught Fighting on Road in Nalanda, Bihar

Police Officers Caught Fighting on Road in Nalanda, Bihar


In a shocking incident, two police officers were caught on camera fighting with each other in broad daylight on a road in Nalanda, Bihar. The video of the fight has gone viral on social media, raising concerns about the conduct of police officers responsible for ensuring the safety of the citizens.

The fight occurred between police officers working for the Dial 112 division, which is operated the Patna Police but staffed officers from the Nalanda Police. The exact reason for the altercation is still unknown, but in the video, the officers can be seen hurling abuses at each other. One officer even accuses the other of accepting bribes in front of the public.

The situation escalates further as one of the officers grabs a stick from a nearby car and strikes the other officer. Despite the efforts of onlookers to intervene and separate them, the officers continue their physical altercation.

The Nalanda Police have taken note of the viral video and have initiated an inquiry into the matter. The police personnel involved in the fight have been returned to the police center, and disciplinary action is being taken against them.

Instances like this raise serious concerns about the professionalism and integrity of the police force. The incident serves as a reminder that officers should prioritize their duty to protect the public rather than engaging in such behavior.

– Nalanda Police Department
– Dial 112 division of Patna Police