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Pick of the Week: A Dark and Twisted Thriller

Bargain is a visceral Korean horror thriller that takes viewers on a twisted journey. The story revolves around Joo Young, played Jeon Jong-seo, as she navigates a world of darkness and deception. The film begins with a shocking scene in a hotel room, where Joo Young is negotiating with a man who wants to pay for her virginity. But there’s more to Joo Young than meets the eye.

As the story unfolds, Joo Young reveals her true nature as an auctioneer, selling organs to the highest bidder. The hotel itself becomes a character in the film, as it starts shaking and unleashes chaos. Bargain is a layered and intense thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Sources: Paramount+

Dear Mama: The Influence of Tupac’s Mother

Dear Mama is a documentary that explores the life and legacy of hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur. Director Allen Hughes, who knew Tupac personally, takes viewers on a journey through the rapper’s rise to fame and his tragic downfall. However, what sets this documentary apart is its focus on the influence of Tupac’s mother, Black Panther activist Afeni Shakur.

Dear Mama portrays Afeni Shakur as a strong and influential figure in Tupac’s life. Despite her own struggles, she played a significant role in shaping his art and activism. The film raises questions about the impact of fame and the complexities of Tupac’s life. It is a heartfelt homage to the power of maternal influence.

Sources: Disney+

Strip: A Glimpse into the World of Strippers

Strip is a documentary series that takes viewers into the world of strippers in Las Vegas. The series reveals the harsh realities of this profession, showing that it is neither glamorous nor desirable. Despite the competitive nature of the industry, there is little camaraderie among the women, and the job is physically demanding.

The series challenges the perception that stripping is a last resort, highlighting the challenges and hardships faced those in this line of work. Strip provides a glimpse into a world that is often misunderstood and stigmatized.

Sources: Paramount+

Beckham: A High-Access Look at David Beckham’s Life

This four-part documentary series offers viewers an authorized look into the life of football icon David Beckham. From his early career to his personal and professional ups and downs, the series provides a comprehensive overview of Beckham’s journey.

The series features interviews with Beckham himself, as well as contributions from figures such as Alex Ferguson and Gary Neville. It delves into Beckham’s successes, controversies, and his marriage to Victoria Beckham. Beckham offers fans an in-depth look at the life of one of the most famous athletes in the world.

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Lupin: The Charismatic Gentleman Thief Returns

Omar Sy reprises his role as the charismatic gentleman thief Assane Diop in the third season of Lupin. After causing trouble for his family in previous seasons, Diop goes into hiding. But he can’t stay away for long.

In this season, Diop returns to Paris with a wild plan involving the theft of a priceless pearl. The appeal of Lupin lies in Sy’s performance, as he portrays a man torn between love and ego. Diop is both infuriating and likable, and viewers are drawn into his world of heists and moral dilemmas.

Sources: Netflix

Loki: Time-Traveling Adventures Continue

Tom Hiddleston returns as the mischievous god Loki in the second season of the hit series. After finding himself at the Time Variance Authority, Loki teams up with Owen Wilson’s character, Mobius M Mobius.

In this season, Loki explores themes of friendship and belonging, as he realizes that he will always be an outcast. The show balances playfulness in its writing with Hiddleston’s captivating performance. Loki keeps viewers engaged with its time-traveling escapades.

Sources: Disney+

Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Unveiling an Unusual Online Cult

Desperately Seeking Soulmate is a three-part series that delves into the world of the Twin Flames Universe, an unusual online cult. This cult claims to be able to match members with their soulmates, but testimonies reveal a darker side.

The series exposes the relentless pursuit of ex-partners encouraged the organization, as well as attempts to influence members’ sexual orientation and gender identities. Through the story of Jeff and Shaleia Divine, who have built their influence and business within the online community, Desperately Seeking Soulmate offers insight into virtual communities that many people now inhabit.

Sources: Prime Video