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The Rise of Valeria Rose, the “Barbie Humana” of Oxxo

Valeria Rose, known as the “Barbie Humana” or Human Barbie, has become an internet sensation in Jalisco. While some of her co-workers and customers complain that she spends too much time making videos, Valeria has managed to capture the attention of many on TikTok and Instagram, where she showcases her experiences as a cashier at Oxxo, a popular convenience store chain.

Despite her glamorous persona, Valeria actually holds a degree in Music Performance and Composition. She is not only a talented singer and songwriter but also a model on the side. With her rising popularity, Valeria is becoming a trendsetter, with users praising her beauty and expressing their admiration for her. The “Oxxo cashiers are quiet,” they say, “but you are a bombshell. It’s a shame you don’t give away a piece of your heart.”

Valeria Rose joins the ranks of other Oxxo cashiers who have found fame outside their day jobs. Recently, Jaquelyney Dgd, who also worked as a cashier and modeled on the side, went viral after accepting the challenge to wear a dress Karely Ruiz. Her success was so overwhelming that she ultimately resigned from her cashier job.

It is clear that Valeria Rose’s combination of beauty, talent, and social media savvy has captured the attention of many. Through her videos and reels, she presents a unique glimpse into the daily life of an Oxxo cashier, all while showcasing her other creative pursuits. As she continues to rise in popularity, it will be interesting to see how her career unfolds and what opportunities may come her way.

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