Indian Man Arrested for Promoting Anti-National Activities on Social Media

Indian Man Arrested for Promoting Anti-National Activities on Social Media


Officials have arrested an Indian man for allegedly using social media to promote anti-national activities and supporting the banned organization Popular Front of India (PFI). The suspect, Mohammad Sohail, was apprehended the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) in collaboration with the Special Operations Group (SOG) in Bhilwara.

During the raid, authorities seized two mobile phones from Sohail, which contained a significant number of foreign numbers. After further investigation, it was discovered that some of these numbers were traced back to Pakistan. The suspicion arose that the phones were being used to facilitate anti-national activities within India.

This joint operation the ATS and SOG marks the second time they have partnered in Bhilwara within the past six months. Sohail, a resident of Bhopalpura Masjid Nurjahan, has been charged and is currently undergoing interrogation.

Promotion of anti-national activities on social media platforms has become a growing concern for the Indian government. They have been ramping up efforts to monitor and crackdown on individuals involved in such activities. Social media has often been used as a tool to spread propaganda and recruit individuals for extremist organizations.

Authorities have not disclosed the specific nature of Sohail’s online activities or the extent of his involvement with the PFI. Investigations are ongoing, and it is unclear if any further arrests will be made in connection with this case.