Former Arizona State Coach Herm Edwards Faces Backlash from Fans on Social Media

Former Arizona State Coach Herm Edwards Faces Backlash from Fans on Social Media


Former Arizona State football coach Herm Edwards recently made a return to social media, sparking a wave of strong reactions from Sun Devil fans. Edwards had been relatively quiet on the platform since his departure from the university’s football program last season.

In his recent posts, Edwards extended well wishes to New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who suffered an injury, and expressed excitement for the upcoming New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins game on Sunday Night Football.

However, instead of receiving positive responses, Edwards was met with criticism and backlash from fans who have not forgotten or forgiven his tenure as the team’s coach. The negative feedback is a reminder of the recruiting scandal that overshadowed Edwards’ time at the university.

It is worth noting that Edwards and Arizona State mutually agreed to part ways amidst the recruitment controversy and a loss to Eastern Michigan. The program has since been working to move past the scandal and restore its reputation.

Despite Edwards’ current role as a football analyst for ESPN, the wounds are still fresh for many Sun Devil fans. They expressed their discontent and frustration in replies to Edwards’ social media posts, pointing out the perceived hypocrisy and lack of support during his coaching tenure.

This public backlash serves as a reminder of the high expectations and intense scrutiny that come with coaching at a prominent university like Arizona State. It also highlights the lasting impact of controversies on the reputation of both the coach and the program.

In conclusion, Herm Edwards’ return to social media has reignited the frustrations of Arizona State football fans. The negative feedback underscores the lasting effects of the recruiting scandal and loss to Eastern Michigan, emphasizing the challenges of rebuilding trust and support among the fan base.

– Jeremy Cluff, Arizona Republic