ASHWARYA Takes TikTok Storm with Her Unique Sound and Intimate LIVE Performances

ASHWARYA Takes TikTok Storm with Her Unique Sound and Intimate LIVE Performances

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Melbourne-based singer and songwriter ASHWARYA has captivated audiences with her music that combines elements of late-night sad pop ballads, influenced early 2000s pop and hip hop and Bollywood music. Drawing inspiration from artists like Labrinth, RosalĂ­a, and 070 Shake, ASHWARYA’s music is described as hard-hitting, eclectic, and emotive.

Like many young artists, ASHWARYA found solace in TikTok during the COVID-19 lockdowns when live shows and venues were closed. The platform not only provided an escape but also allowed her to connect with new audiences and showcase her music through the platform’s LIVE feature. ASHWARYA acknowledges that TikTok has given her the opportunity to engage with fans on a personal level and create intimate performances.

Since her debut on TikTok, ASHWARYA’s career has flourished. She has performed alongside Dua Lipa at her Melbourne Palais Theatre Show and had her music featured on popular streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO MAX. Now, she is returning to her roots on TikTok LIVE participating in the Sunset Sessions, a series of three live digital shows in September, October, and November.

ASHWARYA finds the chat functionality of TikTok LIVE particularly exciting as it allows her to interact directly with her fans while performing. She compares the experience to a performance behind the curtains, where she can freely engage with viewers without sticking to a set agenda. ASHWARYA plans to perform her newly released song, “Up in my Head,” during the Sunset Sessions, a track she collaborated on with music producer Sam Sakr.

“Up in my Head” is part of ASHWARYA’s upcoming EP, “Why’s It Gotta Hurt,” which explores the theme of heartbreak. She wanted the production to contrast with the raw and vulnerable lyrics, which delve into the emotions experienced at the end of a relationship. ASHWARYA hopes to bring this rawness and intimacy to her live performances on TikTok and beyond.

In addition to her digital performances, ASHWARYA is also planning her first headline shows in Melbourne and Sydney, where she will take her debut EP on tour. Tickets for these live shows will be available through her social media.

Catch ASHWARYA’s next LIVE Sunset Sessions on TikTok on September 24th, 5pm AEST and October 29th, 5pm AEDT. Join the audience to witness this rising star’s incredible journey.

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