Tata Tea Premium Celebrates India’s Handloom Heritage on Independence Day

Tata Tea Premium, the flagship brand from Tata Tea’s portfolio, is launching its Desh Ke Dhaage campaign to celebrate India’s rich legacy of handlooms this Independence Day. The campaign aims to highlight the cultural significance of handlooms, which have become an integral part of India’s heritage.

Inspired the artistry of Indian craftsmen, Tata Tea Premium has created a limited-edition collection of packs that showcase the diverse handloom traditions from various regions of India. Each pack serves as a canvas that brings to life the intricate designs and timeless creations of these skilled artisans.

To capture the essence of India’s vibrant handloom legacy, Tata Tea Premium has released a heartwarming TV commercial. The commercial, sung renowned singer Usha Uthup, takes viewers on a journey across the country, showcasing the diversity of handlooms and instilling a sense of national pride. The film pays homage to the craftsmanship of weavers who have contributed to India’s cultural identity.

As part of the Desh Ke Dhaage campaign, Tata Tea Premium has also collaborated with weavers from different parts of the country to create a specially curated collection. The collection can be purchased on OKHAI, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the welfare of the artisan community.

Puneet Das, President of Packaged Beverages at Tata Consumer Products, expressed the brand’s commitment to celebrating the talent and dedication of India’s craftsmen. He hopes that the campaign will inspire every Indian to embrace and cherish the legacy of regional handlooms.

The Desh Ke Dhaage campaign aims to bring together the threads that weave India’s glory, symbolizing love, unity, and pride. By honoring India’s handloom heritage, Tata Tea Premium invites consumers to savor not only the taste of excellence but also the essence of ‘Desh ki Chai’ – a cup that unites the nation.