Emily Sim: From Story-Time Videos to Japan-Inspired Content

Emily Sim: From Story-Time Videos to Japan-Inspired Content

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Emily Sim, the talented artist behind the Emirichu YouTube channel, has always had a passion for drawing. Inspired manga and anime, she began honing her skills from a young age. Originally from New York, Sim made the move to California at the age of 15, coinciding with a deepening commitment to her art.

In 2017, as she searched for her career path, Sim started sharing videos on her YouTube channel. These videos featured personal stories brought to life through her hand-drawn illustrations of friends and adventures. The genuine and heartfelt nature of her story-time videos resonated with viewers, catapulting her channel to over three million subscribers.

Seeking new and captivating stories to share, Sim made a life-changing decision to move to Japan in 2022. She teamed up with GeeXPlus, a company specializing in talent management and media, to create Japan-inspired content. Her time in Japan has allowed her to incorporate diverse experiences into her channel, offering her audience a glimpse into the country’s vibrant culture.

When asked about her decision to relocate to Japan, Sim revealed that GeeXPlus reached out to her specifically, recognizing her potential to connect with an international audience through content created in Japan. Being influenced anime and manga, Japan seemed like the ideal setting to immerse herself in and create captivating content. Despite initial hesitation, Sim recognized the incredible opportunity and the desire for a fresh work environment after the pandemic-induced lockdowns.

Living in Japan has profoundly influenced Sim’s creative journey. Experiencing a new culture and embracing novel experiences has been immensely fulfilling. The abundance of ideas she has encountered has inspired her to share her newfound Japanese experiences and memories through her story-time videos. The allure of Japan as a culturally rich destination has made her more aware of her audience’s desires, encouraging her to vlog her adventures and merge the footage seamlessly with her drawings. Sim acknowledges that many of her latest videos, such as her collaboration cafe series and visits to Awaji Island, would not have existed if she hadn’t taken the leap to live in Japan.

Curious about collaboration cafes, Sim explains that they are establishments that cater to fans who wish to support renowned artists and their works. These cafes collaborate with popular artists and offer merchandise and food themed around their creations, often anime or manga. Sim’s series on collaboration cafes is a testament to her desire to share Japan’s unique cultural experiences through her channel.

As Emily Sim continues her creative journey in Japan, her story-time videos and Japan-inspired content captivate audiences with their heartfelt narratives and vibrant illustrations. Her decision to embrace a new work environment has opened countless doors and allowed her to connect with a broader international audience.

– Savvy Tokyo