Amazon Introduces New Features for Mobile AR Shopping

Amazon Introduces New Features for Mobile AR Shopping

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Amazon has expanded its augmented reality (AR) shopping capabilities on mobile devices, aiming to compete with dominant players like Google and Pinterest in the eCommerce search sector. The new features include a ‘View in Your Room’ tool that allows users to see how furniture and d├ęcor will look in their space, as well as a ‘Find on Amazon’ function that enables users to search for items taking photos with the Amazon app. The company has also improved its visual search engine, allowing users to locate specific items comparing them to captured images. These updates are expected to impact Google’s ad revenues as Amazon targets a share of the advertising spending market.

To enhance its AR shopping assets and functionality, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has partnered with 3D visualization platform Hexa. This collaboration will enable the conversion of 2D items into 3D digital assets, improving conversion rates and streamlining workflows for retailers on the Amazon marketplace. Hexa’s technology also allows for the creation of 3D packshots without the need for physical studios, saving time and resources. These advancements will help Amazon scale its operations as more retailers transition from brick-and-mortar stores to online platforms.

Many companies are embracing immersive experiences and XR technologies to enhance eCommerce. NexTech AR, Warpin Reality, Avataar, BZAR, Bizzlogic, and Morpheus are examples of companies that are leveraging metaverses, digital content, and collaborative online communities to engage consumers. Bizzlogic recently introduced its Meadow platform, which serves as a virtual meeting space for global firms and organizations, allowing for product launches, collaboration, and other activities in the virtual world.

Overall, Amazon’s new AR shopping features and partnership with Hexa demonstrate the company’s commitment to enhancing the mobile shopping experience and challenging its competitors in the eCommerce search sector.

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