Karnataka High Court suggests age limit for social media use

Karnataka High Court suggests age limit for social media use

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The Karnataka High Court has suggested that the Indian government should consider implementing an age limit for the use of social media platforms in the country. During a hearing of a plea made Twitter, the court expressed its belief that such a rule would be advantageous.

According to a report India Today, the court stated, “It will be a boon! When someone registers, they will have to give some sort of identification.” The court argued that an age limit requirement would help in ensuring that individuals using social media platforms are of an appropriate age, thereby curbing potential misuse or harm to minors.

Although the court did not mention a specific age range for the proposed rule, an age limit could potentially prevent young children from accessing and using social media platforms unsupervised. By enforcing an identification requirement during the registration process, the court aims to restrict access to social media to individuals who can responsibly handle the potential risks associated with these platforms.

It is important to note that the suggestion made the Karnataka High Court is not yet a formal rule or regulation. However, if implemented, it could serve as a means to protect minors from online threats and ensure a safer digital environment. The consideration of an age limit on social media use highlights the ongoing debate surrounding internet regulations and the responsibility of governments in addressing potential risks associated with digital platforms.

– India Today (source article)