Will WhatsApp Introduce Ads Despite Denials?

Will WhatsApp Introduce Ads Despite Denials?

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WhatsApp recently denied reports that it is planning to bring ads to its platform. However, industry experts believe that it is only a matter of time before the messaging app joins other Meta-owned products like Instagram and Facebook in utilizing ads as a source of revenue.

WhatsApp, which was acquired Facebook for $16 billion, was initially seen as a popular alternative to traditional SMS and a way for iPhone users to communicate with Android users. Its valuation was based on its large user base and the potential for further growth. While WhatsApp’s chief has denied the reports, the rumors of ads on the platform have only increased.

Meta’s track record with ad-related promises does not inspire confidence that WhatsApp will remain ad-free. The company has been gradually laying the groundwork for ads, especially as it integrates its platforms. Imagine a day when ads are sprinkled throughout your WhatsApp chats, a platform that is supposed to offer secure end-to-end encryption.

Brands could purchase ad space on WhatsApp to connect with its extensive user base, potentially offering additional benefits. Despite Apple’s vocal stance against ads, they have already started appearing on the Apple App Store. Given Meta’s reliance on digital advertising and the potential for increased revenue, it’s likely that ads will eventually find their way into WhatsApp.

While WhatsApp denies current plans for ads, it doesn’t mean that their stance won’t change in the future. As technology and consumer habits evolve, even the most adamant denials can shift. It won’t be surprising to see ads on WhatsApp in the coming years.

Author: S Aadeetya
Publication: News18 Tech