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Princess Charlene’s Instagram Account Goes Dark Amidst Reports of Marriage Troubles

Princess Charlene, a once active social media user, has left her Instagram account inactive overnight, according to a report from Hello!. Previously, she used the platform to promote her charitable causes and share personal moments with her twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. However, attempts to search for her username, @hshprincesscharlene, now yield an error message stating that the page is not available.

This development comes at a time when there have been widespread reports, initially published in French and German tabloids, suggesting that Princess Charlene has relocated to Switzerland while her husband, Prince Albert, remains in Monaco with their children. These reports also suggest that the couple only see each other “by appointment.” French magazine Voici quoted a source stating that the royal couple is essentially a “ceremonial” couple and only appear together for specific public engagements.

Neither Princess Charlene nor the Monaco royal palace has commented on these reports. However, it is worth noting that earlier this year, Prince Albert publicly refuted similar rumors, labeling them as “malicious” and “untrue.”

Princess Charlene’s Instagram account had already shown signs of decreased activity in recent months, with fewer posts being shared. One of her last posts was a tribute to her children’s birthday in December 2022. The sudden inactivity of her account adds fuel to the speculation surrounding the state of her marriage.

It remains to be seen whether Princess Charlene will address these rumors directly or provide any updates on her Instagram account. In the meantime, the public eagerly awaits any official statements from the Monaco royal palace regarding these reports.

– Princess Charlene: the wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco.
– Instagram: a popular social media platform for sharing photos and videos.
– Prince Albert: the reigning monarch of Monaco.
– Monaco: a sovereign city-state on the French Riviera.

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