The Changing Face of Influencers: From Solo Acts to Family Affairs

The Changing Face of Influencers: From Solo Acts to Family Affairs

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The demographic of influencers has evolved significantly in recent years, moving beyond the stereotypical image of young, attractive, cis-gender, heterosexual white women. Today, the influencing industry embraces diversity, welcoming couples, friends, and even families into its fold.

A recent incident shared on the “Am I The A-hole? (AITA)” subreddit highlights this shift. A 15-year-old girl sought advice from Reddit users after her mom expressed a strong desire for their family to become the next viral sensation. The teen, who is one of five kids, was hesitant about participating in her mom’s videos and turned to Reddit to discuss the situation.

Apart from feeling personally uncomfortable with appearing in the videos, the teen was also concerned about the potential impact on her younger siblings. She recognized the harsh realities of the internet and believed that her siblings were too young to be exposed in such a public way. Despite attempting to warn her mom about these concerns, her mom disregarded her opinion.

The teen confided in her dad about the videos, unaware that he was in the dark about this venture. When the dad discovered what was happening, he confronted his wife, stating that he had not given permission for their children’s footage to be shared online. An argument ensued, with the mom insisting that she didn’t need her husband’s consent since they were her kids too.

The daughter’s disclosure ultimately led to tension between her and her mom, resulting in the mom giving her the silent treatment. Seeking validation for her actions, the teen asked Reddit users if she was wrong for “snitching” on her mom.

Reddit users were quick to support the teen, affirming that she was not at fault. They emphasized the importance of open communication within families and highlighted the potential negative psychological effects of involving children in the influencer world without their consent. Many users encouraged the teen to prioritize her own well-being and expressed concern for the mom’s immature behavior.

This story sheds light on the changing landscape of influencers, with families now entering the scene. It serves as a reminder that aspiring influencers should consider the impact on their loved ones before diving into this industry.

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