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Mixed Reactions to New University Course in Republic Targeting Online Content Creators

A new Bachelor of Arts (BA) course in content creation and social media at South East Technological University in Carlow has garnered mixed reactions. The four-year course aims to equip students with skills in business, video and audio editing, critical cultural studies, and creative writing. As applications for the 2024 term are set to open, students and experts have expressed varying opinions on the necessity and value of such a degree.

Some students believe that a degree in social media influencing is essential for those planning to build a career using platforms like TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter. According to Theresa Doyle, a third-year student at Queen’s University, having a degree in this field could be of significant benefit, especially since many brands are increasingly relying on influencers for online product marketing.

However, not all students share the same sentiment. Anna McDonald, an English and film student at Queen’s University, believes that a course, rather than a full degree, in content creation and social media would be more appropriate. She thinks that modules on editing and business could be interesting on a smaller scale.

Logan Reilly, an accountancy student at Queen’s University, argues that becoming an influencer is not something that can necessarily be taught, and that one figures it out through personal experience and possessing the right personality traits. Therefore, he does not believe that a degree-level qualification is necessary for a career in social media.

Charlie Anderson, a pharmaceutical science student at Queen’s University, expresses strong skepticism towards the degree, stating that influencers do not contribute to society in the same way as those pursuing more traditional degrees that have a tangible impact.

On the other hand, Emily-Kate Campbell, an adult nursing student at Queen’s University, sees the potential benefit of the course for individuals with a creative side who are considering a career in content creation. She believes that whether pursuing this degree is worthwhile depends on an individual’s personality and career goals.

While opinions differ, this new university course reflects the evolving landscape of digital media and highlights the growing relevance of content creation and social media influencing in today’s society.

– South East Technological University in Carlow
– Queen’s University, Belfast