Pinterest Introduces New Ad Products to Improve User Experience

Pinterest Introduces New Ad Products to Improve User Experience

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Pinterest has recently unveiled several new and upgraded ad products aimed at enhancing the platform’s user experience and helping advertisers connect better with the Pinterest audience. Here are the key ad product announcements:

Product Spotlight

Premiere Spotlight allows brands to exclusively own premium ad placements, and now it has been expanded to the home feed as well. Advertisers can grab users’ attention right from the moment they open Pinterest.

Showcase Ads

Showcase Ads are interactive ad solutions that let users take a sneak peek and delve into a brand’s content swiping through branded images. This feature offers immersive experiences and encourages users to explore a brand in more depth.

Quiz Ads

Quiz Ads provide improved personalization and engagement. Advertisers can incorporate up to three questions into their quizzes, offering consumers tailored ideas and guiding them towards making informed decisions.

Business Manager

Pinterest’s Business Manager tool has undergone improvements, including comprehensive business dashboards and audience sharing features to boost efficiency in managing team members and partnerships.


Collages is a new feature that allows users to combine objects from Pins and create interactive visual collections. Brands can update their catalogs to make their products available for users to include in Collages.

Creative Studio

Creative Studio is designed to give brands a fast way to generate lifestyle imagery for product Pins. Advertisers can add their Pin link and select prompts to generate custom background images.

Mobile deep links and direct links

Direct links and mobile deep links have been introduced to simplify the shopping process. Direct links take users from a Pinterest ad to a retailer’s website in a single click, while mobile deep links direct users to specific pages in a retailer’s app.

eCommerce integrations

Pinterest has expanded its integration capabilities introducing integrations for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce native applications, allowing brands to handle their Pinterest product catalogs more efficiently.

These new ad products and features aim to enhance the performance of campaigns and provide a more positive user experience on Pinterest.

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