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Discover Local Instagram Businesses for Unique Home Decor Finds

Looking to add a touch of uniqueness to your home? Instead of spending your weekends browsing thrift stores and estate sales, why not let local Instagram businesses do the work for you? These accounts specialize in finding, flipping, and curating vintage, antique, and secondhand furnishings that will make your home truly one of a kind.

Monserrat Celaya Dominguez is a master at refurbishing forgotten furniture. Her Instagram business showcases one-of-a-kind dressers, hutches, desks, and more, all given a new lease on life with vibrant paint colors and unique designs. Say goodbye to mundane storage solutions and hello to statement pieces that will bring joy to your everyday life.

France-Lee Griggs, the founder of @chezmemevintage, is passionate about rugs. Specifically, vintage Turkish and Persian rugs. Her collection features a variety of vivid colors and patterns that will make a dramatic statement in any space. Each rug has its own story to tell and can transport you to a world of nostalgia and warmth.

For those who crave the feeling of delight in their home, Olivia Zarella’s Instagram shop is a must-visit. Her curated collection of joy-sparking home goods includes bubblegum-pink velvet sofas, retro color-blocked rugs, and bright-yellow 1970s acrylic bookshelves. Inject some dopamine decor into your life and transform your space into a haven of happiness.

If you’re a fan of midcentury modern design, look no further than @curated_denver. Kristin Stone and Will Dodge run this Instagram business, offering a range of vintage midcentury modern furniture and decor. From walnut tallboy dressers to Danish modern dining chairs to funky glass-blown lamps, their collection will transport you straight to the Mad Men era.

Thalia Aguilera turned her love for her furry friend into a thriving Instagram business, @retrodenverfinds. By restoring and reselling secondhand furniture, she not only covers her dog’s vet bills but also provides unique accent pieces and art for fellow furniture flippers. Discover one-of-a-kind items while supporting a good cause.

For those with an old soul, @hutchandhardware is the perfect match. Their collection of secondhand furnishings exudes the character and charm of a French farmhouse. Browse their Instagram account and Etsy shop for Old World-inspired art and accent pieces or visit their store, Antiques Etc., for an in-person experience.

With these local Instagram businesses, finding unique home decor treasures has never been easier. Embrace your personal style and fill your home with pieces that tell a story. Support local entrepreneurs and add a touch of vintage charm to your living space today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I purchase items from these Instagram businesses?

You can usually purchase items directly through the Instagram accounts sending a direct message or following the link provided in the posts. Some businesses may also have physical stores or Etsy shops where you can browse and purchase their products.

2. Are the items sold these businesses expensive?

The prices of the items will vary depending on their uniqueness, condition, and demand. While some pieces may be more on the expensive side, others can be quite affordable. It’s always a good idea to check the price range and compare it to your budget before making a purchase.

3. Can I find items that suit different interior design styles?

Yes, these Instagram businesses offer a diverse range of items that cater to different interior design styles. Whether you prefer midcentury modern, vintage farmhouse, or eclectic decor, you’ll likely find pieces that align with your personal style.

4. Do these businesses offer shipping options?

Most of these businesses offer shipping options, but it’s best to check with them directly to confirm their shipping policies. Some may only offer local pickup or delivery, while others may provide shipping nationwide or even internationally.