The Benefits of Informational Interviews in Building Your Career

The Benefits of Informational Interviews in Building Your Career

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Informational interviews are valuable opportunities to learn and grow within your field of work. Unlike job interviews, which are focused on securing a specific position, informational interviews provide a chance to have informal conversations and gain insights from professionals who can fill knowledge gaps. These interviews can be conducted with individuals within your company or from other organizations, regardless of their position. To initiate an informational interview, you can reach out through LinkedIn or email, briefly introducing yourself and expressing your interest in learning more about a specific topic.

Engaging in informational interviews not only enhances your knowledge but also has several other career-building benefits. According to Angelina Darrisaw, a career coach and founder and CEO of C-Suite Coach, conducting informational interviews helps build relationships, improves job performance, and increases visibility and exposure.

One significant advantage of informational interviews is gaining a better understanding of your company. By interacting with professionals from various business functions, you can develop a broader perspective of the organization. This broader lens allows you to approach problem-solving in a more comprehensive way and improve your overall job performance.

Additionally, informational interviews can provide insights into your industry. Speaking with professionals outside of your organization but within your field allows you to understand how different players operate and collaborate to meet customer needs. This knowledge can also give you an understanding of how other companies solve problems, making you better equipped in your role.

Moreover, informational interviews can be an effective way to explore different industries and consider potential career shifts. By engaging in conversations with professionals from other sectors, you can gain a broader perspective on their landscape, identifying opportunities and potential areas of interest outside of your current field.

It’s important to note that informational interviews are primarily focused on information sharing and professional development, rather than job opportunities. While connecting with professionals may lead to future job openings or mentorship opportunities, the main objective is to expand your understanding of your industry and company.

In conclusion, informational interviews are low-stakes opportunities to learn, grow, and expand your professional network. By leveraging these interviews, you can gain valuable insights, uncover new areas of interest, and enhance your career prospects.

– Angelina Darrisaw, career coach and founder and CEO of C-Suite Coach
– Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster