Entitled Choosing Beggars: Outrageous Requests Found on Reddit

Entitled Choosing Beggars: Outrageous Requests Found on Reddit

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Choosing beggars are a unique breed of individuals who have a knack for making outrageous requests while offering little or no compensation in return. Reddit, a popular online platform, has become a hub for sharing these encounters, showcasing the audacity and entitlement of some people. Here are 17 instances of entitled choosing beggars that will leave you speechless.

One beggar promises to compensate you with their “awesome personality and riveting conversational skills,” as if those qualities alone are worth anything substantial.

Another person searches for a part-time pet parent, essentially seeking someone to look after their pet without bearing any financial responsibility.

A particularly demanding individual presents a long wishlist of items they expect to receive for free, demonstrating their complete disregard for the value of others’ time and resources.

On the list of dreams come true, one post stands out as pure fantasy. The person boldly asks for an extravagant gift that most people can only dream of receiving.

A TikToker crafts a detailed plan to build their ideal spouse, failing to recognize that forming genuine connections cannot be manufactured.

In a time-sensitive plea, an individual insists on a specific color for the item they desire, revealing their unyielding obsession with superficial preferences.

Some beggars only request a few free items, seemingly unaware that nothing comes without a cost, and expecting others to foot the bill.

One person discovers the consequences of their own entitled behavior when they are met with a taste of their own medicine.

The classic “I’ll pay you in exposure” line makes an appearance, as someone attempts to devalue another person’s work and compensate them with empty promises.

A bizarre and specific arrangement catches the attention of readers, leaving them bewildered as to how someone could even entertain such a notion.

A disgruntled individual publicly complains about the quality of free food donated others, displaying a complete lack of gratitude and respect.

An ambitious person turns to social media and divine intervention, hoping that God or a generous Facebook user will miraculously grant them a free car.

In a twist of fate, one beggar finds themselves at the receiving end of their own manipulative tactics, proving that karma works in mysterious ways.

The comments section becomes the battleground as a person is rightfully called out for their entitled behavior and put in their place.

A job offer is marred the condition that potential employees must not ask any questions, demonstrating a complete disregard for transparency and professionalism.

A particularly rude post pushes the boundaries of decency, with the person going far beyond mere rudeness and venturing into the realm of complete disregard for others.

Lastly, an audacious individual insists on hiring someone for an unpaid job while expecting them to pay for their own room and board, highlighting their complete lack of understanding of fair compensation.

These stories from Reddit serve as cautionary tales, reminding us to value our own time and resources, and to be wary of those who seek to exploit our generosity and goodwill.

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