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Pinterest: Reaching the Luxury Audience with Inspiring Content

A recent survey conducted PA Consulting in multiple markets revealed that luxury brands have found their ideal consumers on Pinterest. With 480 million monthly users, Pinterest has become a platform where users plan their next projects. It offers a positive shopping experience, making it an attractive choice for luxury brands. As the luxury market continues to grow amidst a globally unstable economy, it is expected to double in size 2030, fueled the strong purchasing power of Gen Z (source: PA Consulting).

The luxury audience on Pinterest, comprising users who have searched or saved content from 60 luxury brands, is composed of 70% individuals under the age of 34, with 4 out of 5 being women.

PA Consulting’s research provides practical data for brands, showcasing how Pinterest influences consumers from discovery to purchase. Users can discover a variety of luxury products, choose the ones they want to purchase, and complete the entire buying process within Pinterest. The luxury audience on Pinterest demonstrates a strong interest in luxury goods and holds unique value for brands. Here are the key findings from the survey:

– One-third of Pinterest’s luxury audience has an annual income of over $100,000, 35% higher than other platforms’ luxury audience.
– Pinterest’s luxury audience spends