A new album ten years later: Belgian band dEUS ready to hit the road again


They are a cult band, heroes of the Belgian rock scene for the last 30 years: dEUS has just released new songs and a new album, “How To Replace It”, after a ten year break. With humility but also a big desire to go back on the road.

In addition to having inspired many Belgian bands for thirty years, dEUS has put an indelible mark on rock music. A universe of its own, enhanced by a deep voice. This voice is still Tom Barman’s, with his intense and inhabited lyrics, simply happy to find the public with new things to sing. “We never had in mind to stop,” he says, “we just lived, and now we’ll see what the live show gives, I’m not 25 anymore, these are not very easy times for people.”

And if dEUS is highly anticipated by its many fans, with a big tour and quite a few festivals this summer, this album was built in difficult times, between pandemic and love breakup. For Tom Barman, paradoxically, all these difficulties have nourished the texts, he who admits to have had “a broken heart” at the time. Nevertheless, it was out of the question to make a comeback: “Nobody wants to come back after ten years with a depressing album!

A nice philosophy for a successful comeback, it is on stage that we should rediscover why dEUS has been so missed.